Art Depicting Water

Art has been a part of man’s culture ever since creation. Art is mainly used as a means of communication and beauty too. The art designs have developed over the years from simple art designs to the very complicated and sophisticated art pieces we see today. The purpose of art has also changed, from being a way of life to an economic activity among many people today. Schools and institutions that pass on art skills have been established so that there are people who do art as a full time career. To celebrate and appreciate art, art galas have been established where the artists take their paintings for viewing. It is from these galas that the best art pieces are bought and even preserved.

Here are some of the famous art pieces depicting water in the world today;

• Bird’s Eye View of The Coast

This is Leonardo Da Vinci’s painting. In this period, not many artists knew just how much water covered the earth’s surface. It is therefore safe to say that Leonardo Da Vinci is the pioneer of this kinds of paintings. In this painting, Leonardo imagines the coast of Italy by the sea, snugly fitting into the bays in a curvy designs, to resemble a nicely fitted blue carpet meeting the land. This painting is partly a piece of art and partly a map. This is due to the relief features of the land with the mountains represented as waves on the land, and a vision of how the sea appears from high up in the sky.

• Ocean
This is a painting by Vija Celmins, a Latvian-American made in the year 2005. In this painting, Vija Celmins holds the water in the ocean still. She uses a lot of graphite for the painting and precise marks to show ripples in the water. In the painting, Vija Celmins appears to be hovering above the ceaseless waters of the ocean on a grey day. This painting is perfect, almost like a photograph of the ocean was taken.

• The Monk by The Sea

This is a painting made by Caspar David Friedrich in the year 1808-1810. In the painting, the three elements, water, earth and sky are all stacked together, and appear abstract radically. In the horizon, a figure of a monk standing alone at the edge of the earth and ocean, dark and unending opens before him. Without any pictorial boarders, the ocean seems to be like an abyss Caspar, a German painter spent 2 years to create this vision of darkness with a slight hint of a blue sky to resemble hope. The monk in the painting, is standing between despair and presumption, the two sins against hope and the dark sea represents faith.

Art is a way of communication that man has been using for many centuries now. However, art is developing just like all the other aspects of human life. Art has become more sophisticated and complex but it is still a method of communication. In most cases, artists use their surroundings to express their feelings and thought in their paintings. What is some famous art depicting water? Above are the three most famous art depicting water in the world today.

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